Risk management is at the crossroads of regulatory compliance, health and safety assurance, insurance and litigation, property protection and process efficiency. Upon which ever of these roads you start it will eventually lead to where the assorted concerns and corresponding test protocols meet and – as can happen at an intersection – collide. Stresau’s expertise and customer service starts with fitting the proper test to the customer’s specific need.

Stresau’s familiarity with test protocols of the
many governmental, trade and commercial
institutions helps you find the tests to determine
the hazard. Its experience in conducting,
documenting and reporting tests gives Stresau’s
clients a critical component in risk management:
reliable information.

This website will provide a sample of the testing
available at Stresau Laboratory and the
diversity of hazards for which we are equipped.
Of course Stresau can write custom protocols
as the situation requires it. While most material
is sent to our laboratory in Wisconsin, field
services are available. In either case client’s
materials and results are treated with the
utmost of confidentiality.